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Zarafa has a professional support service which offers different support packages from online support to 24x7 telephone support.

Online support:

  • Forum: the Zarafa forum has many active members all over the world
  • Wiki: Collection of technical documents and articles to tweak or improve your installation
  • FAQ: in the FAQ you can find all questions that are recently asked by customers or partners
  • Documents & Whitepapers: all information about installation, LDAP integration or backup strategies can be found in the documentation section

For all customers using the commercial Zarafa packages there are the following support packages:

  Basic Standard Advanced
Annual License Amount < 2500 euro > 2500 -
< 15000 euro
> 15000 euro

Forum, wiki, documentation
& whitepapers

Yes Yes Yes
Software upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Support portal / email support Yes Yes Yes
Phone support (business hours)
No* No* Yes
Crisis phone support  Business hours  Business hours 24 x 7**
Nr of support blocks 2 10  unlimited


Business hours are defined as 9:00h - 17:00h (GMT+1).

*Zarafa partners have a variety of support offerings for customers. Most Zarafa (end)customers have decided to authorize partners to be the contact for this Zarafa support.1

**Not included per default. Enterprise customers can purchase 24 x 7 SLA's.


Additional support blocks

Additional support blocks can be purchased via following schema:

  • 1 support block 200 euro
  • 2 support blocks 375 euro
  • 5 support blocks 800 euro
  • 12 support blocks 1500 euro

Please contact to order.



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